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Case Study: How We Helped a Major Internet Provider Achieve Higher Activation Rates

Our goal is to connect quality customers with our home service provider partners. And we invest a lot of time and resources into the vital marketing and sales efforts needed to make this happen. However, we also employ powerful support tools and a professional support team to deliver an upgraded post-sale experience for new customers. That’s why one of our key core competencies that separate us from our competitors is our support team and process, whose value involves improving customer retention after the sale has been made. We do this to achieve higher service activation rates for our partners, as well as higher levels of customer satisfaction and long-term brand loyalty.

Our support team, aided with technology, provides new customers with valuable assistance from the time an order has been placed until their services are successfully installed. If the customer has any questions about their recent order, our support team is available to answer them. We thoroughly train our team with an expert knowledge of our partner’s products or services so they can handle any inquiries in a confident and competent manner.  Likewise, if a customer has any issues or concerns with their order, our support team is there to provide a solution and will proactively reach out and follow up until the customer is satisfied.

In addition, our support team also provides value through highly personable and friendly interaction. First impressions can be very important to the new customer relationship. And since a new customer is likely experiencing our partner’s brand for the first time, we strive to ensure that any interaction with our support team leaves a lasting positive impact. We do this because we know that better customer service can result in higher levels of long-term brand loyalty and can impact the likelihood of a customer staying with a brand over time.

Taken all together, our support team and process has produced a quantifiable improvement in customer retention as measured by service activation rate. Through better servicing and handling of post-sale customer pain points, we have driven higher levels of service activation rates for our home service provider partners. More specifically, with our support process fully implemented, one of our home service partners has seen a 10%-15% increase in service activation rate compared to the service activation rate when working with our competitors. When you’re dealing with a high volume of new customers, this 10%-15% improvement can have a significant impact on our partner’s customer retention rate and their overall return on investment. This is why our support team and process is integral to the value we offer our partners at BlueIn Group. We have found that optimizing the post-sale experience can have a clear effect on ROI. And providing our partners with the highest ROI possible is built into our mission and everything we do – from marketing, sales, technology, and, as outlined, support.

Join us as we continue to find new, unique ways to drive more quality customers for the world’s leading home service brands.


How MoveStub Helps Home Service Providers Acquire More Customers

Moving to a new home, as anyone who’s done it knows, can involve a lot of work and stress. And when people move, one of their first tasks is setting up the basic services they need to live and enjoy their lives. Think of home services such as internet, cable tv, landline phones, heating and cooling utilities, and electricity.

The providers of these services vary by area and, of course, by price and quality. And anyone moving to a new home wants a complete picture of these offerings so they can feel confident they’re making the best decision for them and their family. This process – choosing a new home services provider – shouldn’t be a hassle. It should be easy to find the best providers and easy to make an order so services are installed quickly.

That’s why, here at BlueIn Group, we’ve created and launched MoveStub. MoveStub, in just a few seconds, helps people easily find, compare, and purchase the best services for their home. What’s more, MoveStub is free to use for all.

On one hand, MoveStub empowers consumers by helping them make more informed decisions when choosing from multiple home service providers. On the other hand, MoveStub also empowers BlueIn Group’s partners because it creates additional opportunities to facilitate a connection between a potential buyer of home services and a provider. MoveStub is an alliance with BlueIn Group’s current home service partners to help them acquire more quality customers in an efficient way.

For example, when someone uses MoveStub to find new internet service in their area, they typically will see multiple offerings from our internet service provider partners. And when someone decides on a provider, they’re able to easily start the order through a call to our highly trained sales team. Our sales team is trained with an in-depth knowledge of all of our partner’s services, so we’re able to competently and confidently handle order requests to maximize sales conversion rate.

Popular home service brands rely on MoveStub’s platform and credibility to put their offerings in front of valuable potential prospects. That’s why, at BlueIn Group, we believe that any home service provider can benefit from offering their services on MoveStub. For them, it’s a tremendous opportunity to put their services in front of people who are ready and likely to purchase. And because BlueIn Group does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes by driving new customers to the MoveStub website and then signing them up with the new provider of their choice, there’s no risk to the provider. They do not have to spend one additional dollar on marketing or sales because it’s MoveStub’s and BlueIn Group’s unique role to integrate those disciplines for the benefit of all. Put simply, by not partnering with MoveStub, home service providers miss out on the opportunity to acquire more new customers!

Join us as MoveStub helps consumers and our partners connect in a more powerful way.